Lip Injections Sydney



Some swelling will occur post treatment, therefore we recommend that patients choose appointments at the end of the day in order for the swelling to reduce overnight.

There is minimal risk of bruising, however this can be covered up with makeup if it occurs.

It is essential that you follow pre and post operative care instructions carefully to reduce the risks of swelling and bruising. (link to pre and post operative instructions)

Medical issues to Consider Before Having Treatment:

Dermal fillers may not be suitable if you have:

Certain medical conditions such as autoimmune disease

  • A history of keloid scarring
  • Inflamed or infected skin
  • Severe allergies such as asthma
  • Food allergies
  • Ever had a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)

At your free consultation, the Doctor will discuss any medical concerns you may have before treatment.